Presidential Election 2015 - Parliamentary Realignments

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(Last updated on 2 January 2015 at 4 pm)


Given the present state of political flux, we will be updating the infographic below with details of confirmed MP realignments in parliament (19 November onwards). We have chosen the word "realignments" as it seeks to encompass those who have performed a traditional crossover to the opposition / government, in addition to those who have not crossed over, but have realigned themselves within their current coalitions.

When more details become available regarding new, formalised political structures, this graphic will endeavour to reflect the changes. Your thoughts and questions are welcome in the comments section found below; over twitter @manthrilk, or by text to the hotline - 071 4639882

For more infomation on political parties and their members, click here



FULLY REALIGNED                                                                      PARTIALLY REALIGNED

Maithripala Sirisena (SLFP) 

Rajitha Senarathne (SLFP) 

Rathana Athuraliye (JHU)

Champika Ranawaka (JHU)

Duminda Dissanayake (SLFP)

M K D S Gunawardana (SLFP)

Vasantha Senanayake (SLFP)

Perumal Rajathurai (SLFP)

Hunais Farook (ACMC)

Rajiva Wijesinha (LP)

Naveen Dissanayake (SLFP)

P. Digambaram (NUW) 

S. Radhakrishnan (SLFP)

Rishad Badhiudeen (ACMC)

Ameer Ali (ACMC)

Rauff Hakeem (SLMC)

Hasen Ali (SLMC)

Faizal Cassim (SLMC)

H. M. M. Harees (SLMC)

M. S. Thowfeek (SLMC)

Muthali Farook (SLMC)

Mohammed Aslam (SLMC)

Faizar Mustapha (SLFP)

Nandimithra Ekanayake (SLFP)

Achala Jagoda (NFF)




Tissa Attanayake (UNP)

Jayantha Ketagoda (DNF)


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