Await rankings for MPs of the new parliament after the budget debates. Meanwhile, check out the Manthri blog for the latest updates from parliament.

ப்ளாக் / ஆய்வறிக்கை


Today the ‘budget speech’ is being presented in parliament: 5 things you should know

The Appropriation Bill presented to parliament each financial year is...


A coherent policy agenda - a solution from this month?

By Asoka Obeyesekere


Sri Lanka has recently become eligible for...

New Govt - Recommended Policy Outlines and Cabinet Structure

Here are 2 links to recommended national policy outlines and cabinet...


Vote Share Change (%): General Election 2010 vs. 2015


4 interesting points from the election results:

1. The UPFA lost...


202 MPs re-contesting – but how have they performed?

202 MPs re-contesting – but how have they performed?

The use of...


Party & Coalition Constitutions

Please find below the following constitutions (Sinhala):




Who really controls the UPFA nominations?

The looming nomination deadline on 13 July has drawn attention to the...


UPFA Constitution


Click here to read the UPFA constitution...