Await rankings for MPs of the new parliament after the budget debates. Meanwhile, check out the Manthri blog for the latest updates from parliament.



Budget under the President


Today the ‘budget speech’ is being presented in parliament: 5 things you should know

The Appropriation Bill presented to parliament each financial year is...


Will they do better this time?


A coherent policy agenda - a solution from this month?

By Asoka Obeyesekere


Sri Lanka has recently become eligible for...

New Govt - Recommended Policy Outlines and Cabinet Structure

Here are 2 links to recommended national policy outlines and cabinet...


Vote Share Change (%): General Election 2010 vs. 2015


4 interesting points from the election results:

1. The UPFA lost...


202 MPs re-contesting – but how have they performed?

202 MPs re-contesting – but how have they performed?

The use of...