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Manthri.lk is a pioneering trilingual website which, for the first time, profiles the actions and activities of each of the 225 Members of Parliament in Sri Lanka. As a MP monitoring scorecard, Manthri.lk recognizes the need for accountability between MPs and their electorates. In doing so, it seeks to promote transparency and good governance in order to improve Sri Lanka's democratic framework.

Manthri.lk ranks MP's on the basis of productive time spent, on a comprehensive collection of topics (42 in total) based on an objective and impartial coding system. Topics range from Foreign Affairs and Economic Development to Human Rights and Reconciliation. Manthri.lk collects its data from an in-depth analysis of the parliamentary Hansard, a verbatim record of parliamentary proceedings. The data that is captured is then entered into a detailed classification coding system. This system classifies the contributions and scores them against an objective concept of productive time spent in Parliament (please refer FAQs).

The coding system seeks to reward MP's contributing in a procedurally correct manner within Parliament whilst penalising those that disrupt Parliament and impede its functions. The main aim being to encourage topical debate and tackle disruptiveness, the latter being intricately linked to the public's perception of Parliament.

Additionally, Manthri.lk also provides a profile for each MP, detailing their educational background in addition to their contact and social media details. In doing so manthri.lk seeks to improve the flow of information between MPs and the general public. It also intends on incentivising better performance by MPs in light of the enhanced scrutiny of their parliamentary activity.

Manthri.lk is run by Verité Research, a non-partisan Colombo based Think Tank, which focuses on Economic, Political, Legal and Media Research, in partnership with Saberion, a leading transnational Web and Mobile Technology provider.

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